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Bonus policy of the betting company 1win

Promotions, coupons, and entry prizes of the betting company 1win attract new users and interest those who have never bet on sports on the Internet before. With the welcome package, it is easier to become a little richer because it guarantees twice as much money for betting. Having said that, customers don’t need to have a big parlay, as the face value of the 1 win bonus is 100 euros.

Unlike its competitors, 1win gives the biggest bonus on the first deposit registered at 1win. The initial package offers a 200% deposit increase. Depending on the currency denomination, the bonus will be paid out in equal value. 

How do I claim and wager my bonus at 1win?

The promotion can only be activated by registered customers. A verified account is the first prerequisite for receiving the gift. Once the player activates the account and deposits an amount above the face value, the promotion will appear in an additional account. A customer can receive a gift of 50,000 Euros. For this purpose, a one-time deposit of 25,000 Euros to the main account is all that is required. All payment systems participate in the promotion, including electronic (Yandex. Money, Qiwi) and cryptocurrency wallets (Ethereum, Bitcoin).

Once the bonus is awarded, the user must place a bet. It is not possible to withdraw the gift before placing a bet. Conversion to real currency must be done in one hundred percent, otherwise, withdrawal requests without full wagering will be rejected. Violation of the criteria is forgiven once, then the player’s account and virtual funds are blocked indefinitely.

Wagering bonus from 1 win

is done according to the rules of the promotion. The welcome gift must be placed on a single person. A prerequisite is that every single item must be at least 3.0. If the bet results in a win, the player will receive five percent of the amount wagered on the main account. In this way, the entire amount should be converted into the main virtual wallet.

Let’s take the example of 10,000 Euros. Additional 20,000 Euros will be added to the account automatically. After selecting the discipline, the player forms a betting slip with odds of 3.0 and selects only a single bet. A successful prediction will allow the conversion of €500 from the sub-account. This is the principle of placing the full amount of bets.

Terms and conditions of the welcome offer of the betting company

Each promotion has its own rules for acquiring and placing bets. The participation of new users in the program may be in the process of meeting the following criteria.

1 Activation bonus may be obtained once from a new virtual profile. It is not possible to activate the initial reward a second time. The management has removed the time limit for claiming the bonus, so the customer can activate the gift within one day or one month after registration.

2. Refills must be paid in one lump sum. If the user deposits the funds to the wallet in several installments, only the amount of the first top-up will be increased by 200%.

3. The time limit for conversion is two weeks. The counter will be activated automatically after the reward is credited. If the player fails to transfer the funds from the sub-account to the main account in time, the gift will be burned.

4. All bets are counted, excluding returns and singles worth less than 3.0.

5. If you suspect that you are cheating, 1win may ask you to provide documentation to prove your identity. In addition, the office reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the program at any time.

What other promotions are available to registered users?

For those who prefer to use their cell phones for sports betting, there is a gift for installing the official software. After installing the mobile software, players can activate a €5,000 voucher. Because the software is installed on Apple and Android accessories, any customer can receive a gift.

It takes 2 minutes to download and install the software. On the homepage of the gaming company, there is an «application» block. It is located on the right side of the screen. Near the Windows, icons are the Android and iOS icons. Choose an appropriate system, wait for the download to complete, and run the installer. The software will automatically update and then you can activate your prize. The size of the prize is the same as the starting price and you can activate the prize only once.

The bets can be used not only for singles but also for spreads. To convert the funds into real money, you need to form a single of 5 events, noting the score (more than 1.30 each). If the prediction is successful, the player will receive 6% of the bet amount to the main account. Let’s assume that there are 5 events with a total score of 11.7 and the betting amount is €1000. A successful bet will increase the customer’s balance by €702 (six percent of the stake).