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Simple registration on the 1win website

Registration on the 1win website is necessary for players who want to bet real money on sports. To open this option, the user must fill out a form, activate a profile in the system, and make a deposit using the funds therein. Once the deposit is in the wallet, the customer can place bets and withdraw their winnings. In addition to wagering, a set of other necessary features related to bonus offers is revealed.

You can register with 1win on a tablet or a browser-based PC format. Activating your profile verifies that you are a real person and that you are of legal age. However, how do I go about the registration process in 1win with the access blocked criteria? The notes are similar, the difference is the switch to the website. The player must use a mirror link, not an unusual web address.

Steps of registration at the gaming company 1win

Despite the age of the gaming company, the office is still in wide demand. Most of the clients come from European countries. The number of disciplines is fascinating, with excellent live and pre-match scores. The spreadsheets are interesting in all these respects, with both exotic disciplines (cricket, darts) and popular sports (boxing, tennis, soccer). 1win registration guide will help newcomers to build a profile and bet on sports, and computer sports faster.

There are several ways to become a full member: by email, and by linking your social media profiles. A more pointed option is the one-click option. It involves automatically generating login and password, which saves customers time. Within 30 seconds, the user is ready to place a bet. Let’s look at each method in more detail.

— In 1 click. To register, just go to the site. For players from the state, access to the bookmaker through the main domain is closed. Therefore, mirror links are used by thousands of customers. When using another domain, these restrictions are lifted and the profile creation feature is available immediately after the switch.

At the top of the page, the guest must click on the Register button and select the appropriate «one-click» method. Enter the details of your place of residence in that field and then click the «Register» button in the footer of the pop-up window to activate your profile. It is recommended that you read the terms and criteria for working with a gaming company. It contains the main rules for withdrawing funds and activating gift certificates.

Once the account is activated, the customer is automatically transferred to their account. The options feature helps to change the authorization data automatically generated by the website method. The login name and password can be saved in the browser’s cache so that access to the virtual profile is not lost.

— By e-mail. Site guests select this option in a pop-up window, after which a special form opens. Blank sections need to be filled in completely. Personal information must be true so that it does not lead to the freezing of virtual funds during the first large withdrawal. Enter your last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, and other details in the form, then read the rules and activate your account in the system.

— Link an additional profile. If you have a Google+, Odnoklassniki, or Vkontakte account, you can create a shared profile. It will be used for authorization of all devices. In a pop-up window, select a method and a currency name. If you have a bonus code, your first deposit will be increased by 200%. Insert the number combination by clicking on the plus sign next to the «Add Promo Code» line.

While it is faster to create a one-click account, there is no way to bypass filling out the form. This method allows registering in less than a minute, depositing funds into the wallet, and making the first bet, but the next mandatory step is to confirm the information. And on the first successful bet, which will bring the user to a big win, the player must identify himself or herself. Through this procedure, the player proves the authenticity of his age, name, payment details, and other information.

The bookmaker has introduced a confirmation measure to protect genuine players from prize chasers and those who engage in multiple accounts. Such players create 2 or more accounts to activate multiple initial gifts. According to the rules, multiple accounts are subject to the penalty of prohibition, but some people are not deterred by this. Therefore, the security service checks the passport details and links them to the ID of the profile. If this is the case, it is impossible to open another account with the same passport information.

How do I verify my 1win account?

Verification takes between 12 and 24 hours and requires a passport as proof of identity. The page must be uploaded to your account and sent to the office staff. Betting companies may ask for details, but this rarely happens. When the confirmation comes through, the payment information is associated with the ID, which is also the name of the customer. It will be impossible for the fraudster to take money from the wallet, even if it is hacked.

Passports must be checked in two ways: the photo page and the registration page. If the verification is successful, the security service will notify the player in time. Notifications will be sent via email. Identified users have an additional advantage — faster withdrawal of funds. The operator will give priority to such requests.